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Benefits of Social and Community Participation

Benefits of Social and Community Participation

We all understand how important it is to interact with everyone in the community. Moving out and meeting people is good for both physical and mental health. It is something which for you might not be that important but for people with any form of disability it can be a real difficulty which they would definitely love to overcome. 

Assistance with social and community participation is part of the NDIS plan. It is one of the support categories under Core support. It has been observed that addressing and encouraging community participation and its inclusion for people with disability typically has significant benefits. But before we move on to understanding the benefits it is important to note, that if you are an NDIS participant and you have been approved of support and assistance category then it can greatly benefit you in the following ways:

  • It can lead to an improvement in the behavior and attitude of the people with disabilities as well as their family and carers.
  • It can help them in boosting their self-confidence and personality.
  • It can reduce longer-term care and support which may be required. This can automatically result in a reduction in costs.
  • People who have a disability at a slightly lower level can help them in the reduction of support.
    For example:
    1. The provision of public transport for people who have a disability can reduce the need for them to use taxis or any other form of travel conveyance.

2. It can help people interact and move independently without any support. They don’t have to rely on others to shop or interact on their behalf.

3. Providing mobility services to people with moderate level of disability like vision or hearing impairment can reduce the chances of facing any accidents which can lead to further accidents or disability.

4. Support for people with disabilities can also have economic benefits, increasing participation in the workforce.

5. The community as a whole will benefit from overall participation. It can enhance Australia’s social capital; can help in the improvement of the economy and better community diversity.

6. It will create a better network amongst people thus breaking stereotypes. It can promote economic and social interaction.

This category can also cover assistance with activities that will build and improve independence. Support types that you may be able to access under this category includes experiences which will help you improve your ability to interact and participate in your surrounding community. Some of the examples of these activities includes: Sports coaching, camps, attending classes, vacation activities. In addition to this it also covers, having support worker assist you to participate in social and community activities. Some of the things we can organize with you include:

  • Joining and participating in social group or community
  • Planning an outing or holiday camp
  • Visit to library, shopping complex, malls, movies, coffee shops and much more.
  • Participating in community activities and events.
  • Personal development courses
  • Learning new skills, hobby, art and craft courses, photography, and drama.
  • Participating in sports club

The need and requirement for assistance with social and community participation is typically assessed by the NDIS plan on one to one basis. It will be decided based on your requirement. Hence it is important to discuss your goals and your expectation in detail with your NDIS service provider in Australia who can help you in availing the benefits. This is one reason why it is important to be prepared for the meeting with experts and consider your NDIS eligibility for Australia before finalising it.

Increasing and supporting community participation for people who have any form of disability can have significant benefits, including improved well being. Several improvements have been noticed and seen across employment, health, income, education and much more. Improving access towards community interaction can also reduce longer term care and support.

Star Community Care: We can help you.
You can talk to our experts about the best way to prepare and define your NDIS plan.  Our qualified and professional experts are readily available to meet you and discuss your NDIS plan and its provision in detail that have been designed specifically for social and community participation. We will make sure you have the chance of getting the best and the most from your plan. Have your queries answered or book NDIS pre planning discussion session with our team today.

We provide you with many opportunities so you can get involved with your local community, interact with friends, enhance skills and enjoy every minute of your life. We will pick you from your location and would accompany you to participate in the activity you would love to join and would drop you back again. We recognize all these activities should be fun and entertaining. We can talk to you about the events being conducted at your location and find the things you would want to do. Our team is extremely dedicated and committed to ensuring that the home care services for disabled in their homes are reliable and have a considerable standard in the industry as per the NDIS norms. We are home care service provider, and you can very well count on our abilities too.  As a registered daily care service provider in Australia, we have introduced plans and schemes to support people under the age of 65 with a permanent and significant disability whether physical or mental with reasonable and necessary supports. 

We are a leading and affordable home care services provider in Australia and are always willing to hear your ideas, views to help us improve. You can learn more about our services on homepage of our website – https://starcommunitycare.com.au/ and also let us know about your requirements in detail by talking to our experts.