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Care advice tips for the elderly during Pandemic

Care advice tips for the elderly during Pandemic

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge with more and more being affected, the physical and psycho-social health of our elderly in our family needs attention and care.

For many elders, life has taken many abrupt and unexpected turns and they are at a unique risk of disability and COVID-19 vulnerabilities together.

If you have elders to care for at home and they need special attention due to the disability then following social distancing at home can be quite challenging. But whatever be the case, there are plenty of basic things you can follow to help them stay healthy, happy, and connected with you.

Here are a few basic and important things you can start with-

Spend time and talk to them more frequently if they are feeling sad or anxious

Take out time and spend with the elderly at home. Spending time and talking to them about their feelings, may make them feel better. Let them be open & vocal about their thoughts and feelings.

Stay in touch with their doctors regularly.

As a carer, your health is equally important. Therefore, we would advise you to keep in touch with the doctor of your loved ones.

Keeping in touch with them will help you in case of an emergency. Since during pandemic time, it won’t be possible to visit a doctor in person, therefore it would be better if you give a call to the doctor and consult him accordingly.

These days most of the practitioners are offering consultations either through teleconference or through video conferencing.

Since we cannot step outside seeking the situation therefore take your loved one out in the garden or walking area for a walk. Bring them close to nature and spend some time outside every day.

Getting out and spending some time in nature can be a big stress reliever and can help elevate their mood by reducing stress and anxiety.

Walking around, sitting in the balcony, reading can also help uplift the mood or spirits

If you notice a change in the behavior of your loved ones like frustration, anxiety, depression, or stress then you can share a concern with their home care service provider.

Keep the professional carer regularly informed about the overall health and well being.

Indulge with your loved ones in some fun activity and help them develop a fun hobby

Help the elderly by involving them in fun activities. It will give them plenty of time with you to explore and indulge themselves in activities of choice for a happy and joyful mood.

Keep undergoing therapies regularly

Don’t forget to miss the therapies. Due to COVID times if you are bound to stay at home then that does not mean you should stop taking your therapies.

Keep in touch with the practitioner and be regular with your therapies. Whether you are undergoing them through a health professional like a speech therapist, occupational therapists or any psychologists keep attending them and have your sessions on the phone.

Keep yourself informed about the latest updates.

Stay on top of things by keeping yourself regularly informed about what is happening in your network and by checking the government updates regularly.

Keep taking health advice from time to time without losing time and information.

While we believe it is very important to keep yourself informed about the pandemic, it is incredibly important to stick to relevant and important news on genuine websites.

Keep medicines and aids which you might require for your loved ones.

Make sure you don’t have to rush for any medical supplies or aids. Keep sufficient stock of medical aids and equipment you require.

If you have enough medications then you won’t have to unnecessarily step out. This is the time when you should avoid stepping out and coming in contact as much as possible.

Make use of technology to perform basic tasks

In the times of social distancing, when everything is going online. It is better to learn the technical skills required to order something you or your loved one might need.

Make sure you have enough balance and credit on your phone to stay in touch with your loved ones and service providers when required during an emergency.

Eat only fresh and healthy food.

This applies to everyone. Since it is very important to have a great immunity, therefore, it is a must that you as well as your loved one eat healthy meals regularly, as nutritious food will help fuel your body and nourish your mind.

And don’t forget to drink water regularly.

Learn who you need to get in touch if you take notice of COVID symptoms

If you or your loved ones are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, then you should be aware of who you need to get in touch with. Have your doctor or carer’s number handy with the helpline number.

The elderly may feel out of control during these times, so help them develop a routine that can keep them happy and lively.

Have your groceries and other essentials required delivered to your home.

Avoid stepping out and have your groceries, or medicines delivered so you can eat well while staying safe. NDIS participants are receiving priority home delivery during the pandemic so it will be helpful to have the deliveries done right at your home.

Be positive and confident

It is very important to have the right frame of mind with better mental health and stability. Therefore, try being in a positive frame of mind all the time, it will add to positiveness for your loved ones too.

With these important tips in mind, you can ensure to take care and provide comfort to your elderly loved ones. Keep this in mind that this situation is temporary and this shall pass too.

Star Community Care, as an NDIS service provider (https://starcommunitycare.com.au/ndis/), is always available to provide you the support and personal assistance (https://starcommunitycare.com.au/improved-daily-living/) whenever required.

Don’t feel low during these times as they are not permanent, instead focus on building up your confidence. Always remember tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Consider this time as an opportunity to boost up the confidence and happiness with your loved ones in the most perfect way.