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How does NDIS bring you peace of mind?

How does NDIS bring you peace of mind?

NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a plan that lets you avail health care support. It is meant for Australian citizens below 65 years of age and offers much-needed peace of mind. 

Managing the plan alone can be time-consuming and stressful. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose the plan manager that can help you manage the services. 

It provides the citizens who have a permanent or significant disability with the reasonable support that is required for them to live a comfortable life.

NDIS takes into account the lifetime approach wherein the focus is to improve the outcomes in the later period of life.

The plan can be managed and funded in 3 ways-

  • Plan Management through the NDIA.
  • Management of the plan professionally through a management company.
  • Self Management
  • A combination of all of these.

Managing the NDIS Plan- Pros and Cons of each approach


  • Self-management plan


When you are managing a plan all by yourself then you have the choice & flexibility to manage it. You are responsible for paying the bills, keeping records, and sending the reports to the NDIA. It can be a time-consuming process. 


  • NDIA managed


If you plan to avail the services of NDIA for the management then they can process and service the invoices on your behalf. In such cases, you would be required to register with the NDIS service providers.


  • Plan management


Plan managers help you deal with all your concerns related to the plan management as well as the providers and NDIA. They offer much-needed peace of mind to the participants so that they can live their life stress-free & independently.

How does NDIS plan management offer peace of mind?

NDIS can help you support and manage the funds in numerous ways-

  • Helps you choose the providers
    With the help and assistance of a professional plan manager, you can have the level of autonomy in terms of the choices you want to make individually.
    This becomes important as many prefer to work with providers of their choice and preferences. Plan managers ensure the providers are charging as per the price guidelines.
  • Streamlined processing
    Submitting and managing plans can be stressful. It requires a lot of understanding and can also result in a great degree of uncertainty.
    With help of the professional plan managers, everything can be streamlined concerning the paperwork, plan, etc. Payments become easy and can be processed conveniently.
  • Allocation of resources
    Budgeting is important while the funds are being managed. It becomes vital to keep track of the spendings as per the service agreements. If the management is not done conveniently then you run even out of funds.
  • Knowledge and plan management
    The pricing of the plan management is part of the funding for the support that is under the NDIS. You won’t have to maintain or manage your budget nor would you be required to worry about the invoicing process.


Are you ready to start?

If you need to get help from the experts to get your plan started then you may talk to our professionals. Our experts at Star Community Care have worked with numerous participants across Australia & always ensured to provide reliable services.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the services and plan.

NDIS plan offers citizens peace of mind in case if their child or any loved one is born with a significant disability then they would be provided the support they need. It helps participants in building up their skills and abilities. 

If you wish to help your loved ones while they are dealing with any kind of disability issue then you may subscribe to the plan with a reliable ndis registered service provider.