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How to qualify for NDIS?

How to qualify for NDIS?

NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme is an exciting opportunity for the participants to receive the support which previously they weren’t able to access. Today, we are here to explain to you, how you can qualify for the NDIS and how you can sign up.


For many who are not aware of the NDIS, it is a new way of providing support for the specially-abled. It is available for those participants who have a significant or permanent disability.

These services have been specifically designed to provide the right support to each participant depending upon the individual needs and requirements. It has been rolled out gradually across Australia.

NDIS Scheme

NDIS scheme has been designed and set up so that the eligible participant can plan and organize a one-to-one meeting with the NDIS support person. The representative helps with a customized plan based on the requirement of the participant to help them with their goals.

By goals, we refer to activities like finding a job, creating new connections in the community, the requirement of transportation, or receiving day-to-day care at home.

The scheme has replaced the old system of block funds where funds used to be transferred to the organizations. In NDIS, eligible participants are assessed and they are allocated funds individually.

The objective of the plan is that every individual’s needs are unique and different. Hence they should be provided control and choice to decide as per their needs.

The scheme was created because the previous disability support services were not found to be effective, were unfunded, and completely inefficient. In earlier programs, the specially-abled had little choice and uncertainty with the support they would receive.

The participant who qualify for NDIS-
As per the official NDIS website, to be eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, an individual must have-

  • A permanent disability that affects their disability to involve and participate in daily activities.
  • The age of the participant must be less than 65 years.
  • Must be a citizen of Australia with a permanent visa or protected special category visa.
  • Participants must live in Australia where the services are available.

How to initiate the NDIS process?

Before you plan to meet the NDIA planner, you should jot down your expectations and goals from your plan. The planning process overall covers all areas of the participant’s life so it is very important to take your time and think about what is your priority at the moment.

You can also have your family, friends or carers be part of the meeting and assist you during the decision-making process.

They will also assist you with the different support that qualifies to be included in your plan. The participant can then choose which provider they should consider to support them.

The next step should be to meet your planner and if you qualify in becoming the participant then the team of the provider will contact you. During the planning process, you also get to decide what works best for you and how to manage the funds through the provider.

You can also plan to choose if you want to manage the funding on your own or want a plan manager to take it forward.

Once you become an NDIS participant, your plan is regularly reviewed to ensure the goals are being met at regular intervals. This also helps in deciding if any change is needed by the participant.

Will accessing support reduce your support need in the future?

In such cases, you would be eligible for early intervention access. This is possible if there is evidence that getting support will help reduce the support needs. It will be worth checking your options available and accessing the support both in the present and in the future.

NDIS will ensure that you receive the required support and services in your communities such as support groups, therapists, clubs, and so on. These supports are provided to make sure you are active and participate independently.

NDIS has worked effectively to bring positive changes in the lives of the specially-abled and the funds provided are such to ensure participants socialize and live a stress-free life.

Star Community Care

Star Community Care is a registered NDIS service provider working towards providing support to the specially-abled. At Star Community Care, we are dedicated to offering high-quality support services who require NDIS support to fulfill their goals.

If you are confused and want to learn more about qualifying for the NDIS funding then we can help you go through the process.

We believe in uplifting and supporting others to help them live the comfortable life they deserve.