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Important things to note about Autism and the role of NDIS

Important things to note about Autism and the role of NDIS

Autism is not a specific singular kind of disorder rather it is a spectrum of few closely related disorders. Every individual dealing with autism to an extent faces difficulty in social interaction, communication, and behavioral issues.

The level of disability and issues faced differing from individual to individual.
NDIS provides a chance for the individuals suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder- ASD, to receive the required support.

But have you ever thought about what an NDIS fund does and if you are eligible?
Today, we are going to share with you more about how NDIS can help you when you are dealing with Autism.
Before, we begin with what an NDIS has to offer; let’s understand if you are eligible to avail the required support.
Are you eligible for NDIS?
As you plan to initiate the NDIS journey it is important to understand and check if you are eligible to receive the support.

This is because there are degrees of Autism Spectrum Disorder and during the analysis process, NDIS looks into what kind of support you may require. To be eligible-
Your state of disability has to be permanent.

Your age should be less than 65 years when you are accessing the scheme.

You should be an Australian citizen and hold a permanent visa.

If you are suffering from level 2 or level 3 ASD then you are automatically considered as eligible for NDIS.

If you have a level 1 ASD diagnosis, then you may be required to provide additional details about how your life is getting affected due to Autism.

This can include issues with self-care, mobility issues, and management of day-to-day tasks.
What can NDIS Fund?
NDIS funds a wide range of support depending upon the situation of the individuals. Every participant receives personalized care as per the NDIS plan which allows giving an overview of how much funding may be needed.
Since no two individuals are the same therefore NDIS plans are customized as per the individual’s requirements.

The funding received in the plan is based on your needs and goals. While your support may be unique but still there are some popular ASD-related supports and items that can be funded under NDIS. These include-
Speech therapy to help support the communications skills.
Therapeutic aids to assist in speech or hearing aid.
Physiotherapy supports the development of motor skills.
Skills to develop interpersonal skills for social interaction.
NDIS funding majorly covers three types of support categories- Core support, Capital, and Capacity Building.
NDIS provides customized support to everyone eligible. So think and prepare your expectations and goals before you initiate any meeting with the provider.

NDIS will provide a wide range of support and services which can cover the support workers, therapists, and assistive technology but they should be related to your disability.

Two services that let you tap maximum benefit from your plan are support coordination and plan management.

Your Plan is not meant for the whole life so take care and ensure to note how your goals are being fulfilled.
During the NDIS planning meeting?
As you plan to go ahead with the NDIS meeting you need to consider the following aspects-
Necessary documents which you should carry along during the meeting process.

Who will support you during the meeting- either the family carer or if you will access professional support from a renowned provider.

How would you like to manage the funding-
By yourself
Through a professional support
Or support from NDIS to manage the funds or both.
What would be the next steps?
As you finalize the support you need from the NDIS service provider, you will have more choice and control to purchase the support services that match your expectations.

Every year you will be contacted by the provider to review your plan and fund the support if required.
At Star Community Care we provide you with the much-needed care and support as per your requirements.
Our team will always be there to assist and guide you about the different supports and therapies which will best suit your health conditions.
We hope you remain in the best of health and can avail the support you need with ease and convenience.