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Individual Living Options (ILO) are living arrangements that are focussed on working with the participant and their family to consider their needs and preferences, and is an innovative alternative to group home services.
NDIS is assisting people with a disability to live more inclusively – in a regular house, on a regular street, in a welcoming community.

What are the living arrangements under the ILO?

a support worker lives with a person needing support and receives free or discounted rent and provides support.

Living with a supporting family or individual in their home.

Living Together, Sharing NDIS Participants with Co-resident
Two or more NDIS participants live together, and share supports, living how they want. but a Co-resident lives the house to provide additional support.

Living Together, Supporting Families, Friend or Neighbour.
Families who live with and provide support, but get additional assistance to make things sustainable, sharing with a friend who provides support or person who lives nearby, and assists build connections into the community.

To explore vacancies and for the assistance required for applying Individual Living Options ILO. Please contact us on 02 8605 9710 or admin@starcommunitycare.com.au

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