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Mental health disability and how NDIS can help?

Mental health disability and how NDIS can help?

Millions of individuals across the world are suffering and living with various types of mental health issues such as anxiety, personality disorders, depression, mood disorders, and so on.

Earlier people used to refrain from coming out and discussing in open about their mental health concerns. But now with changing times, mental health issues are no more a taboo.

Mental health concerns are being discussed and with the help of proper care and medication they are being treated successfully.

In general mental health refers to emotional and psychological well being. If you have good mental health then you are able to lead a happy and healthy life. You are always encouraged and motivated to face any adversities in life with ease.

Your mental health is influenced by numerous factors which includes your surroundings, your past experiences, life events, or even your genetics.

Some of the few ways wherein you can maintain stable mental and physical well being are:

  • By keeping your attitude positive
  • By staying physically fit, and active by exercising regularly.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Health issues in Australia

Mental health issues are very common in Australia, and approximately one in five (20%) of Australians are experiencing mental illness in a year.

The age group experiencing such mental health issues are between 16-85 years of age.

And the most common form of mental illness noted amongst these individuals are depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

Some individuals suffer from short term illnesses or conditions and they are able to recover with treatment in a very short period. However, there are others who often suffer from an ongoing health condition, and it may take years for them to recover.

Mental Health is just like other illnesses and can be treated as we implement proactive strategies with support to reduce the risks.

What is Psychosocial Disability (PSD)?

Psychosocial Disability (PSD), describes disabilities that result due to mental health issues. Generally, it refers to social consequences arising out of disability, and the way life is affected due to it.

People suffering from PSD often find it hard to interact in the community, set their objectives & goals, implement plans, engage with community members, and take part in other social and other activities.

To some extent, psychosocial factors influence most of the mental illness but there are often few conditions that have a long term impact.

Some of the examples are:

  • Schizophrenia disorders.
  • Anxiety disorders which often result in obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress and other conditions.
  • Social phobia- Inability to interact.
  • Mood disorders, and depression.

Role of NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme

An individual needs to be eligible for the NDIS scheme, and therefore he may have to prove the extent of disability as well as the need required for support.

There could be variability to the extent of mental health issues. For example- Some may have it for a short period and others may suffer for a prolonged time. Due to such variability, some may not be eligible to get benefitted from NDIS.

NDIS has been playing an active role and has set up work with community-based services to help individuals suffering from such conditions.

In NDIS, when we are dealing with psychosocial disability, recovery is defined not as “cured”. It is involved to help the individual reach an optimal state of personal and emotional well being.

Since mental health conditions can be varied and the extent can differ in individuals, therefore, NDIS plans are flexible and accommodating to meet your needs depending upon your requirements.

NDIS aims to support individuals suffering from mental health conditions to lead an independent life, participate, and interact in communities, providing them with better facilities and high-quality support services.

At Star Community Care, we provide support and assist individuals living with disabilities and mental health conditions to live independently. As a registered NDIS service provider, we offer you the required support 24×7.

Our team helps you to achieve goals to improve your life and achieve self-reliance. We provide you assistance with the following-

  • Community participation
  • Develop your interpersonal skills.
  • Managing day to day tasks
  • Taking care of health and overall well being.

If you are facing disability issues, our team can offer support to help you navigate through the process of NDIS. Our objective is to help you reach your goals and live a fulfilling life of your choice.

If you have any requirements then you can learn more about our services from our website – https://starcommunitycare.com.au/ and talk to our experts in detail.

We assure you to meet your expectations and help you navigate through the NDIS process smoothly.