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In Home Support

This is one of our support services which are focused on assisting you to complete your daily and personal activities with ease. These are the activities that are relevant to your individual needs and support requirements. we support you with benefits like:

  • It helps you be independent concerning everyday activities.
  • Helps you being confident
  • Instills confidence
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For many specially-abled people, transportation is all about freedom, socialization, independence and much more. That’s why transportation plays a very critical role. Let disability not get in your way of living your life independently. Moving from one place to another, be it for school, college, work, or traveling around your society we can help you easily.We will assist with transport arrangements. We will ensure safe and secure transportation and you would be intimated in advance about all the travel arrangements.

Assistance With Social & Community Participation

Interacting and moving out in society always helps. It keeps you engaged, lets you be on your own and most importantly keeps your mood elated. With one of our unique services for assistance in a community gathering, we ensure you get more involved and participate in recreational activities.

We are an in-a home service care provider in Australia, and we have a range of social and community support programs that are specially designed to help you enjoy your hobbies, meet your friends, and have some quality time of your own. With support from our friendly team, you can participate in programs you are interested in. You can rest assured of safety and security as your safety is always our priority.

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Coordination of Supports

At Star community care, we work very closely with you as well as your family to customize & design a well-coordinated plan for you. With our plans, you can make your life simplified and it can assist you in resolving innumerable issues you may encounter in your everyday life. We as NDIS Provider are focused to enhance and build your core skills so that you can work towards maintaining a healthier and comfortable lifestyle and can confidently take charge of unexpected events in your life.

We are very well versed in assisting to help you manage the activities in your everyday life. Whether you require assistance in developing certain skills or you require assistance for support in everyday chores, we have a solution to all your requirements. We have a team of experts and they can explain to you in detail how you can access these services and how we can help you with different needs.

Improved Daily Living

We can assist you in making improvements while performing basic everyday chores. This plan is focused on covering routine activities such as personal hygiene, the performance of daily tasks, and support for performing such acts independently at home as well as the community. Enhancing skills is important to lead life independently.

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) requires assistance from an expert or supervisor to execute daily tasks. The objective of this service (SIL) is to help participants hone his/her skills so they can live as independently as possible. This service is recommended to the participants who are specially abled and requires support, typically 24×7, to lead an independent life.

Support provided to the participants can be in the form of shared living where people are living in a group or independently in the participant’s home where they may need private support from the service provider. We all would agree that there is no place as comfortable as home, hence supports can also be provided as per the participant requirement from the comfort of their home. Assistance provided to the participant will be included as part of their plan depending on the level of support they require to live independently.

Mental Health

Twenty percent of Australians suffer from a mental health issues such as anxiety, personality disorders, depression, mood disorders.

Your mental health is influenced by factors which includes your surroundings, your past experiences, life events, or even your genetics. Common forms of mental illness include depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

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