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Supported Independent Living (SIL) requires assistance from an expert or supervisor to execute daily tasks. The objective of this service (SIL) is to help participants hone his/her skills so they can live as independently as possible. This service is recommended to the participants who are specially abled and requires support, typically 24×7, to lead an independent life.

Support provided to the participants can be in the form of shared living where people are living in a group or independently in the participant’s home where they may need private support from the service provider. We all would agree that there is no place as comfortable as home, hence supports can also be provided as per the participant requirement from the comfort of their home. Assistance provided to the participant will be included as part of their plan depending on the level of support they require to live independently.

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Specially abled are often unable to live on their own due to dependency on others, hence they require support from experts. It is where Star community Care steps in to provide assistance in day-to-day tasks and activities. At Star Community Care, we can provide 24×7 support for people where they can be empowered to lead an independent life. We take pride in our services and Supported independent living model is one of our such services. Our services are customized and they are aligned as per our participant’s requirements with their NDIS plan.

Before the finalization of the plan, our team undergoes meetings with the participant to carefully match their requirements and understand their goals and expectations from the plan. We work with the participants to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition. Star community care can support you to live independently in your home and support you in learning new skills like:

  • Assistance with cleaning and laundry
  • Assistance with cooking meals and shopping
  • Travel assistance to meet friends and attend a community gathering
  • Assistance in money management and budgeting
  • Personal care such as grooming services
  • Support with grocery shopping and visiting malls
  • Assistance with daily skills training
  • Community interaction and participation

NDIS packages are all about having more choice and control while living your life and if leading an independent life is one of your goals then SIL ( Supported Independent Living) will clearly help you.

Let our team do all the hard work for you. Give us a call and we are always there to support you 24×7.

Every individual with mental illness or disability is different and hence requires unique support. This means to support as per the individual’s requirements and needs.

We assure to take care of your needs and provide you customized support. We are the registered, NDIS service provider in Australia, and the best home care services provider helping supporting adults, seniors and assisting specially-abled achieve their goals, get engaged in the activities. With our home care services, you can speak to our experts and choose the service you would like to avail of. If someone you care has indicated a desire to live an independent life then you should consult our experts and discuss this during the NDIS meetings. While preparing to lead an independent life just remember it is a gradual process of transition and it will take time.

Our experts work extensively to assist the individuals and as registered NDIS service providers, we provide a caring environment and assistance while performing everyday tasks. Our purpose in introducing this service is to support them in distress and help them overcome it. This helps the participants to live a meaningful life and achieve their goals, get involved in community activities thereby enhancing their skills and feel more confident.

Benefits offered by our Supported Independent Living services are:

  • 24×7 support system for our participants.
  • Customized plans as per the individual needs and requirements.
  • Travel assistance to meet friends and attend a community gathering
  • Assistance in money management and budgeting
  • Specialized care and treatment through experts and professionals.
  • Assistance for accommodation as per the requirements.
  • Access to the community meets and gatherings.

Available SIL Vacancies

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