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Thank you healthcare workers all over the world!

Thank you healthcare workers all over the world!

We all are aware of the current situation the world is facing. Few months ago no one imagined that our lives would be affected to this extent by an unknown deadly virus and everything would come to a standstill with schools/colleges shut, offices closed, empty roads, malls, restaurants and what not.
Everyday we are all living in an unknown fear, the fear of deadly virus – The Coronavirus. But what has not stopped yet and is currently working 24×7 to fight this deadly disease is our Healthcare workers.

At Star Community Care, we would like to take an opportunity to thank the spirit of all the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses working globally, for their sacrifice and endless support.

As COVID-19 continues to have its dreadful impact on individuals, and communities around the world, people are coming together to support and help one another more than ever. Healthcare workers are working tirelessly 24×7 to keep us healthy, and safe while keeping their lives and families at risk.
This year, health care professionals are the front line workers of defense in a global pandemic, as they are providing much needed care and support to the communities across the globe. We thank and appreciate them for their brave deeds as they are doing their best to recover as many individuals as possible. This is really commendable.

During this coronavirus pandemic, the health of the world is completely dependent on the shoulders of healthcare experts. Apart from doctors, the frontline workers including nurses, pharmacists, staff members are putting their best foot forward to save our lives. Let us thank them as well as paramedics, cleaning staff who are working day and night to keep control of this virus. Despite this terrific situation, they are serving humanity selflessly and relentlessly.
Undeterred by the fear, doctors are doing their best and what is urgently required- quarantining people affected with this deadly virus.

The novel coronavirus has brought the world to a stand still like never before. It has hit economies very badly which will really take a lot of time to recover but what it has taught all of us is confidence and patience. What we can do and contribute towards them as of now is keeping ourselves safe, secure and healthy as much as possible.

Let’s do our best by following basic measures and guidelines our Government has issued. We should practice these measures religiously at home so that we are not affected by this disease.

  • Let’s not go around roaming. Stay inside, keep yourself as well as your loved ones protected and safe. Don’t step out until and unless it is urgently required or there is an emergency.
  • Social Distancing is the need of the hour. Avoid shaking hands, hugging or kissing, and limiting outside visits to places like gym, malls, offices, parks etc. Maintain your distance from everyone around if you have to step outside in case of emergency.
  • Wash your hands more frequently and properly for about 20 seconds. Keep sanitizer with you all the time. And don’t rub your hands on your face or eyes.

Though Australian government is trying hard and it’s best to ease out the situation. But if we all follow basic measures religiously we are sure we can deal with this situation and we can come out of it very easily. The situation has intensified globally and let’s make sure we do not aggravate it further.

At Star Community Care, we are always there to support and offer care for the disabled whenever required. If you need any help or information, do not hesitate to call us.

We are a registered NDIS service provider and we offer home caring services for the ones who may require it. Our team is always here to hear your concerns 24×7. Feel free to get in touch with us for any of your requirements. Your safety and wellbeing is our priority and we will ensure to take care of your needs even in this current situation.

All we do is wish and pray for good health for everyone.

Not all heroes wear caps, some wear masks, gloves, lab coats. Lets salute them and support them in this fight as much as possible.