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Virus that led to Global Emergency

Virus that led to Global Emergency

Corona Virus- Around the globe, countries are coming together and pushing efforts to tackle this global emergency that has killed thousands of people and has affected lakhs of them.

We all are in a state of emergency and the world has shut down in wake of this pandemic disease which is spreading like a fire. Corona Virus was first detected in Wuhan, China and now it has spread all over the world. Sadly, it has claimed more than 7000 lives as of March 18th and more than a lakh people have been tested positive. Authorities, healthcare providers are working hard day and night to tackle this situation.
The World Health Organization states that it comes from a family of viruses that cause illnesses. It typically starts with a common cough, cold, fever and then it can go upto severe acute respiratory syndrome. It has been spreading from animals to people.

Signs of this infection-

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Fever

Even pneumonia, leading to multiple organ failure and eventually deaths.
Doctors have advised everyone to stay in an incubation period till 14 days. Most of the infected population has shown symptoms within five to six days. It is important to be alert & vigilant and take charge of the situation seriously.

This new coronavirus has spread more rapidly than SARS. Scientists are working hard to quickly develop vaccines to cure it. In the interim, several countries have sealed their borders, ports placing restrictions on travel to avoid spreading it further. It is the time we all should not panic and take measures as advised by doctors & issued by the respective Governments.

Authorities are still in jinx and are figuring out how this virus originated which is somehow believed to have originated from the seafood market possibly due to bats or snakes.

Since the virus is now spreading rapidly from person to person. Hence, it is important that if you notice any of these symptoms then start social distancing from people around you. If precautions are not taken then it may spread through respiratory droplets released when someone coughs or sneezes. One should avoid visiting crowded places like gym, malls, markets, pubs, theatres, restaurants. Chances of getting infected are high in public places. So try avoiding crowded places as much as possible.

No vaccine has been developed so far but you can take certain precautions to protect yourself as well as your loved ones by:

  • Washing your hands quite often with soap and sanitizer.
  • Covering mouth and nose with a mask.
  • Avoiding touching of eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Avoiding or eating raw or undercooked meat.

What to do if you have CoronaVirus?
If you have any of the symptoms of high fever, cough or cold then immediately seek medical treatment and let your health care provider know all the necessary details. Or stay at home and seek help from professional healthcare. You will also be required to self isolate yourself to prevent it from further spreading. Don’t panic and handle the situation calmly.

Is Corona Virus a deadly pandemic?
No one has much clarity on CoronaVirus. It is so far believed to be a disease that has the potential to spread widely. Many individuals have been cured who were initially infected with this virus. There are so many theories and assumptions going around everywhere that it is difficult to come to any conclusion.

What travel places should be avoided?
Alert has been issued for China, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Iran, South Korea at the moment. These are the countries where the maximum number of deaths and casualties have been reported. But at the moment one should totally avoid any travel until and unless it is extremely important. Avoid travel as much as possible as this is for your own betterment. Several countries have already placed restrictions across their borders and non citizens have been completely banned to enter.

It may take a few days or even months to have an end to this problem. In the interim all we can do is ensure we are sanitized, clean all the time. We should make sure that we continue taking precautions without any default. Together we can achieve this and have an end to this chain.

At Star Community Care, we would always wish for your great and healthy life. We would advise you to be alert all the time and to seek medical intervention immediately when you notice any of these symptoms. Be open and tell your doctor if you have any travel history or severe health problems earlier.

We really appreciate the way our Australian Government is handling the situation and have come up with great support. We are sure together we will be able to deal and come out of this situation.

Prevention is the only best cure to deal with this deadly disease. So, let’s gear up and make ourselves responsible for alertness and preventing it further.