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What disabilities does NDIS cover for you and your loved ones?

What disabilities does NDIS cover for you and your loved ones?

Australians found it hard to access healthcare services before NDIS was rolled out. There was no specific structured approach or system to fund the specially abled people in need of services.

Moreover, the providers that were offering the services allowed restricted use of support and difficulty in switching over the plans. Due to this the specially abled used to find it hard to avail the services of their choice.

Thankfully, the specially abled now don’t have to go through these troubles anymore as they can enhance their way of living through NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme.

NDIS is solely responsible for providing participants with the care, support that affects their ability to lead an independent life. These conditions can be physical, mental, intellectual, sensory, neurological, and social.

Understanding NDIS
The services offered can cover the participant’s health care, social well being, community interaction, and participation.
These are designed to support the pursuits of the participant’s goals related to their work life, independence, and social interaction in the community. Before we get into further details about what conditions are included under NDIS let’s understand that NDIS provides funds for the conditions that are reasonable and necessary.

NDIS will cover only reasonable support and it doesn’t include the cost related to the everyday activity such as grocery items. In simple terms, it does not cover the expenditure that is not directly related to the person’s condition.

The supports being provided must be able to cover and improve the quality of life for the specially abled.

NDIS requires the participant to be an Australian citizen and must be below 65 years of age. In addition to this, they must have a permanent or significant disability that requires additional assistance or equipment to aid their impairment.

Often, when the requirements are not met then the participants may be reconsidered by NDIA- National Disability Insurance Agency for early support. NDIS can also refuse support when any of these conditions are not met.

Here, we bring to you disability related health support that NDIS can take care of and can cover for you & your loved ones.

  • For many specially abled as well as the carers, support begins with having easier access to the support system.

With the help of NDIS, you can access the relevant support services that will help build the capacity of the specially abled such as diagnosis care.

  • Customized packages
    It is a goal-based program, which focuses on helping the participants achieve their targets. The best part about the NDIS is that it offers individualized plans and supports. Participants can plan their funding to support their goals and aspirations. It also provides support to carers and family members.
  • Funded supports
    As per the goals of the plan, participants can avail themselves of the funded support.
    They can choose the support providers for the ongoing needs and supports. They can get the customization done based on their requirements.
  • Support for technology

Assistive technology support can be provided under the NDIS. Assistive technology aids deals with the devices that allow support for the individuals to perform their tasks. It includes mobility in the form of wheelchairs, aids, and bed railing support.

  • Support for the access to participate in community services and participation
    NDIS helps the participants to interact in social community events. It involves covering the cost for the services that may be available in your local community or the area.

Star Community Care is a registered NDIS service provider in Australia. Our friendly and experienced team assists with personal care, traveling, interaction with the community members, assistance getting to and from the appointments, support coordination, plan management, and a lot more.

For more information and details on the services being offered, you can get in touch with our team and they will guide you through this process.