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Your NDIS planning meeting- imp things you should discuss!

Your NDIS planning meeting- imp things you should discuss!

Goals are the most important aspect when you are planning to achieve your objectives through the NDIS plan.

Your goals may be that you want to live an independent life working on daily chores all by yourself, or to get a job while enhancing to learn new skills for better opportunities, or take part in an institution or college.

You should try to make your goals as specific as possible and make your NDIS objectives clear.

We understand that you want the best results for yourself as well as your loved ones through your NDIS plans. And planning a NDIS meeting is an important aspect before your plan starts. It goes a long way towards achieving your NDIS goals.
To help you make your meeting fruitful and help you with your expectations, we have compiled a list of a few questions which you should definitely discuss with your planner before finalising the plan.
But before we start with the questions, we bring you a few important tips which will be handy and helpful for you.
Always prepare a checklist or supporting documents which you can refer for your meeting. It will help you recollect important points in case you forget to discuss.
Bring along any family member or your loved one whom you trust and would want to be part of your journey during this process.
Maintain your notes regularly during the meetings.
During the meetings, express your goals very clearly. Make your planner understand what you are expecting from the entire activity.
Never be afraid to ask questions. You should be very proactive and clear when it comes to your queries. Have them clarified so that there are no confusions in future.
NDIS meetings are important and therefore you should be prepared with your concerns and questions to have clarity with your objectives. It will help you be more clear, as well as specific.

Before the meeting begins you can ask below questions to meet your requirements and have a clear understanding.
Check with your planner, if you will be able to review the plan before it is finalised? Reviewing the plan before finalisation is important.

How long after the meeting will you be able to receive the final plan? You can check the time frames from the plan manager.

If something in your plan is missing then whom you can contact and what is the process to go through.

Since NDIA has a process to request for review. Therefore, it will help you check with your plan carefully and ensure your complete understanding before it is initiated.

If you feel that it does not meet your requirements then you can request for change.

How can you utilise the funds?
Your plan manager can help you understand how the funds can be utilised in the plan. Your coordinator may help you understand and implement the plans.

They will be able to assist and support you with required services and help you achieve your goals.

You can ask who is a support coordinator and if you will be funded for this?
Support coordinators are the personnel who help participants understand and implement the plan. They can provide information about the required services and can help you connect with them.

Funding for the support coordinator is very much possible within the NDIA plan.

You must definitely check what is plan management all about?

Plan manager is an expert and is qualified to manage the financial aspects of your plan. If you feel you need plan management then you can discuss your requirements with the planner.

You can check if you have a plan how long you can make a decision regarding who will provide support or if you can change the providers

Just be confident and never get bogged down. The more you are prepared for your meeting, the easier it will be for you to communicate your expectations with the NDIS plan manager.

So we recommend you to start preparing your checklist of questions as early as possible and let them have clarified through them.
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We offer customized services and make amendments as and when requested by the carers or participants. We are focused on helping you achieve your goals to lead an independent life without any assistance from anyone.

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Be assured as at Star Community Care, we are always here to help you with every step and decision. We are always willing to hear your ideas, feedback, and views to help you as well as us to improve.