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Support Coordination Explained. What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination Explained. What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination 

We tend to interact with a lot of people who are often confused and not clear about Support coordination and how it works? People are also not aware of the concerned agencies which can provide support coordination and how it is implemented? 

We will explain to you precisely what Support coordination is and what all it covers.

The purpose of Support coordination is to make sure that you derive maximum benefit from your NDIS funding package. It has a dedicated team of Support Coordinators working in sync with you or your family members to explore your immediate requirements and how you can access the support. A support coordinator can play an active role in helping individuals go through the time-consuming task of managing an NDIS plan for themselves or a loved one.

The team of Support Coordinators assists you to understand your plan, helps you in enhancing and building on your skills and most importantly helps you put it in place and action. If you have an NDIS plan from an authorized NDIS service provider in Australia, they will understand all the requirements in detail and make sure you get the right kind of support to help you:

  • Manage everyday tasks.
  • Maintain healthy relationships.
  • Lead your life independently.
  • Interaction in the community and society.

How can Support Coordinator help you?

Support coordinators team helps by working closely with you and your family members. They recommend the support services from NDIS service providers that are best suited to your needs. They will help you:

  • To explain your plan in detail
  • Assist you to get the most from your plan and support you whenever required.
  • Will support you connect with the right NDIS services in Australia.
  • Will explain to you the Service Agreements.
  • Will assist you to learn how to coordinate your needs.
  • Discuss what services will help individuals achieve their goals.
  • Link NDIS participants to the community.
  • Negotiate with national disability services providers about what they will offer.
  • Assist in preparing for plan reviews.


Who can get support coordination? 

Support coordination is not funded for all participants. If you require it, you can ask for it from the team. During the planning process, participants can request it with the required home caring service provider in Australia. Coordination support is limited with time. The idea behind the plan is that participants should only be funded for one year at a time. It can be either at the time of availing their first NDIS Plan or during any major transition process. 

At Star Community Care, we provide you assistance as and when required. In case your support coordinator is not available, there will be another coordinator to assist you in need. 

We work very closely with you and your family to customize & design a well-coordinated plan for you. We assure you to make your life fulfilling and content what you have always dreamt of, independent and simplified. We, as an authorized NDIS Provider in Australia and are focused to enhance and build your core skills so that you can work towards maintaining a healthier and comfortable lifestyle.

We are very well versed in assisting to help you manage the activities in your everyday life. Our team will explain in detail how you can access these services and how we can help you with different needs. 

  • Provide you support to help you connect with various providers.
  • Help you manage NDIS plan, by checking eligibility
  • Depending on your requirements, you may receive funding for these supports in your plan.

Your Support Coordinator will chalk our the best plan for you by ensuring service agreements and service bookings are completed. They can assist you in the planning process to prepare for your plan review. We assure you to support you access the range of services that you need, wherever you choose to get these from.

You can get in touch with our experts today and speak to them about the services you require for any of your family members or friends.

As the best home care services provider in Australia, we have empowered our several clients by delivering them with high-quality services and assisting them to live independently. We are a registered NDIS service provider and offer customized services for specially-abled with the help of professionally trained and well-qualified staff. 

Always keep in mind that choosing the right service provider is very critical to receive the best services. We hope the information we have provided you will help in understanding support coordination and choosing special care agencies for your loved ones.