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NDIS plan: Assistance in personal activities. What does it account for?

NDIS plan: Assistance in personal activities. What does it account for?

A recent survey study highlights that there are around more than 4 million Australian citizens who are suffering from one or the other form of disability. To assist these specially-abled individuals, NDIS – National disability insurance scheme was launched. Within the next 5 years, it is believed that NDIS will offer funding of approximately USD 22 billion to Australians under the age of 65. It is supported in association and is funded by Australians and participating State Government and territory government. Few individuals may be receiving support for the very first time under this scheme.

NDIS provides specially-abled with information and details about the communities, societies as well as what support can be provided by the government in each territory and state. It has been introduced across all states and provides support to eligible people with physical, emotional, psychosocial, hearing and other forms of disability.

It offers peace of mind to the carer, family members and the specially-abled with the support it offers. It has been specifically designed to help people develop and enhance skills so that they can live independently and with confidence. This also gives peace of mind to the carers and family members. There are various NDIS schemes and with them, it can also pay and cover for the support that is reasonable and are immediately required for the individual. To avail of the services and support packages, an individual has to be eligible. Which means-

He should be a resident of Australia.
Meet disability or early intervention requirements.
Should be under the age of 65.
Live in the location where NDIS is eligible

We at Star Community Care are a registered NDIS service provider in Australia and we have an excellent team of experts. We offer customized services and make amendments as and when requested by the carers or participants. We are focused on helping you achieve your goals to lead an independent life without any assistance from anyone. Our services have been specially designed and they are curtailed depending upon the requirement of the individual.

Our customer-centric approach makes us stand apart from other service providers. We completely adhere to the policies, procedures and price guidelines of NDIS. Since we understand the importance of quality care, good governance and meeting the deliverables, we assure you will never be disappointed. We assure you of:
-24×7 services- You can contact us anytime. Our team is always there to support you.
– Excellent team
– Professionalism and dedication from our team.
– Modern homes which are easily accessible when required.
– Customization of the services as and when required.
– Provide services from the comfort of your home.

We offer multiple services like assistance with transportation, coordination of support, improved living and many more. One of the unique services specially designed is assistance with personal activities. This is one support service that is focussed on providing you personalized care to help you deal with everyday tasks at ease. These services vary from individual to individual hence they are customized as per the requirement of the individual. Our service-
Helps in being independent while doing everyday activities
Instills self-confidence and self esteem
Enabling people to exercise choice and control over their tasks.

Our objective is to help you enhance your skills with practical hands-on approach. This includes cooking, preparing budgets, shopping list, personal hygiene, shopping at malls, and household chores. We understand how important it is for you to lead a life free from any sort of dependence. And to help you achieve this we have a professional and well-trained team.

We are a leading support care services provider in Australia and we always aim to engage you in activities which you would enjoy and would lead to enhancement of your skills and growth.

At Star Community Care, we are always willing to hear your ideas, feedback, and views to help us improve. Your feedback will help us to make improvements.
You can learn more about our services on our website – https://starcommunitycare.com.au/ and also let us know about your requirements in detail by talking to our experts.
We are sure we will be able to meet your expectations and assure you of quality services.