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Resolutions for this year with customised NDIS plans

Resolutions for this year with customised NDIS plans

New Year brings new resolutions, a fresh new start with immense enthusiasm and inspiration. As we are here in the year 2020, we must assure to make some important lifestyle changes that keep us motivated, grounded and above all encourages us to lead a better, healthy and content life. We are sure many of you must have already started implementation and some of you must be thinking way ahead.

Being specially-abled does not mean one has to stay confined and aloof. Introducing healthy changes in the lifestyle can help specially-abled lead an independent and joyful life like every other ordinary individual. If you are a carer of any specially-abled, then you can help them list down their goals or resolutions which can help them in many ways. These resolutions will keep them engaged and would inspire them to move forward to lead a better life.

As truly said, “Journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step”, hence taking small steps one at a time will make a big difference.

So here, we bring to you some healthy noteworthy changes which you can bring to your life with resolutions especially if you or the concerned case in point is for a specially-abled. 

  • Community interaction
    Start interacting with new people, meet them and make friends. Focus on building new relationships with like-minded people. It will help you be more confident, independent and will help you improve your self-esteem. The more you interact, the more you will improve relationships in the community which in turn will help you lead a joyful life.
    Interaction in a community like going to malls, shopping, participating in group activities helps improving mood and behavior.
  • Share your feelings
    Stop thinking that disability is a hindrance for you to lead a happy and content life. One should stop staying aloof and should share feelings, emotions, experiences with loved ones.  Instead of focusing on weakness, start concentrating on your strength and streamline all your energies towards your upliftment & development. 
  • Eat healthy and right
    Eat what suits you and not the other way round. Make sure not to eat food that is allergic to you and try staying away from alcohol and caffeine.
  • Face challenges and have the confidence to deal with them
    Before saying “NO”, learn to accept the situations and challenges the way they come. You might say “NO” thinking that you won’t be able to handle the situation or interaction but you never know it might actually make you confident in a longer run. Have faith in your efforts and stay committed.
  • Live your life
    If there are things you have always wanted to do, start doing it now. Make a checklist and start doing things one at a time. Don’t wait for the perfect moment.
    Start doing in small packages, by doing one at a time.
  • Join hobby classes or clubs
    Develop a hobby and start learning new things. You will experience a great sense of achievement by enrolling in new activities. It could be learning new music lessons, art and much more.
  • Start exercising
    Join a gym, aerobics, yoga anything which makes you feel good. Exercising will help you feel better and you will start feeling more confident.

Apart from implementing all these, you can also get in touch with a service provider which can very well take care of you and can assist you with daily lifestyle changes and tasks.

At Star Community Care, we are NDIS registered providers and we are always available to provide assistance to specially-abled wherever required. As an NDIS provider in Blacktown Australia, we are highly committed and professional in the most planned and coordinated way. Our team works dedicatedly to assist you in dealing with day to day challenges in life so you can lead an independent life with ease.  Most importantly our team takes care of basic activities which include assistance in personal grooming, assistance in transportation, community interaction and much more.

Get in touch with us by talking to our team and we assure you 24×7 services to the best of our ability.