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Reasonable travel allowance like never before!

Reasonable travel allowance like never before!

National disability Insurance scheme (NDIS) has recently introduced price change in certain support areas. NDIS has set up price limits for certain support services that can affect participants at all levels. This step has been taken in order to ensure that they are able to provide value for money for the participants who are involved or who are currently availing them.

Change in prices was introduced recently with effect from December 1st, 2019 and they are updated in order to keep up with the market trends and changes in costs. NDIS website highlights all the changes that have been implemented on their website and major update includes:

– The price limit has been increased and the name changed to Short Term Accommodation and Assistance.
– Introduction of Medium Term Accommodation.
– Introduction of two new support items for dietitians.

You can visit their website to learn more about the changes and the latest updates. The main takeaway we have noticed so far includes changes in the transportation section. To make it more specific and clear it means that if there are contribution costs to transport then specifically transportation budget should be used. And in case if there is no transport budget then the participant involved cannot claim it from the NDIS plan as it is an out of the pocket expense.

A recent update of the NDIS price guide has affected many participants who have availed the services from different NDIS service providers. This has majorly affected the participants who were receiving transport services under the scheme. As per the new guidelines, participants are expected to make a contribution out of their pockets towards transportation. It is important to note that every participant is unique and will have different requirements. Hence, they may not

be able to make a contribution to this added cost or might not even make use of public transport as per their plan.

This is where Star Community Care team steps in. At Star Community Care, we are committed to providing NDIS participants with access to the best care services possible and meet each participant’s unique requirement in line with choice and control guidelines as per their choice. Our intent is to focus on the specific requirements of our participants, their expectations out of each plan and goals.

Star Community will provide a reasonable travel cost to the participants receiving personal assistance and support services. And honestly, the cost of transport will be highly reasonable.

Participants who are availing services from Star community care will benefit like never before. The new price guidelines for travel allowance introduced under NDIS will leave no impact on participants as your travel charges would be covered under personal and support.
Isn’t it interesting? No additional cost at all.

Star Community Care is a ​registered NDIS service provider in Australia​ assisting adults, seniors and specially-abled achieve their goals, get engaged in the activities. With our ​home care services​, you can talk to the experts about various services being covered and they can help you understand in case you require customization. Services offered include: Accommodation support, transport, assistance with social and community participation, assist personal activities, coordination of support, improved daily living, plan management, supported independent living. Assistance can be provided from the comfort of your home or location of your choice. We are available to assist you 24×7 on call. With the professional and skilled staff we are enhancing the quality of life for each individual. Our services are individual-centric, holistic in approach towards the needs and goals of the participants involved.

NDIS packages and plans are all about having more choice and control while living your life. If

leading an independent life without being dependent on anyone is one of your goals then you can get in touch with our team.

Please note when it comes to pricing Star Community Care will not charge any additional hidden cost associated with the travel component of the service. You can contact our team and list down your specific requirements so they can provide you with the best services and help you achieve your NDIS goals. You can contact our team for providing support to you: Phone-​(02) 96764156​ Or visit website- ​https://starcommunitycare.com.au/​ to learn in detail.