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What Makes Star Community Care A Great NDIS Provider?

What Makes Star Community Care A Great NDIS Provider?

Star Community Care is a value-driven enterprise offering assistance to individuals to lead an independent life. We develop a unique, customized and holistic approach towards every individual depending upon their needs and requirements. Services are specially designed and responds to the needs and goals of every participant. Customized services are offered to ensure participants receive the support they require. Services offered are focussed on assisting individuals to live safely, independently and actively.
With a professional team, we offer therapy, accessibility and accommodation services to Australian’s with disabilities. We focus on the strengths of the individuals while helping them to overcome their disabilities and help them improve their quality of life. We have a huge team from different disciplines and they are experts in their field who can help you lead comfortably. We are always there to support you on your NDIS journey.
We believe everyone has a unique story and that’s why we’re here to help you in your choices and offer a committed personalized service.

How we are different from other NDIS service providers?
We offer you services from the comfort of your home. We offer a complete customized support plan where we identify your outcomes or goals and your challenges. Our objective is to help you get the most out of your plan without compromising the quality of service. We send a Star Community Care coordinator to provide you with 12 months plan review.

Our services are customer-centric. Our care coordinators work with you to meet your needs which are required to deliver the best for you. This allows us to be sustainable so we can continue to deliver quality service. Based on our understanding we offer the right fit expert for you.
We are a registered NDIS Provider and are available 24/7 on call.

The services we offer are focused on providing:
Assistance in personal activities
It is focussed on assisting with daily and personal activities so that the participants can lead a life with ease. These activities are customized as per the individual’s needs. Benefits supported helps you lead an independent life, being confident. Assistance is provided in attaining skills with cooking, meal planning, budgeting, shopping, payment of bills, washing and ironing, household chores, cleaning, grooming and much more.
Coordination of Support
We can help you provide support so to connect you with various service providers. We can help to manage the NDIS plan, check eligibility and coordinate the support required. We can also help make amendments as per your requirements.
Improved Living
We assist in making improvements while performing basic everyday chores. This plan is focussed on covering day to day routine tasks and it covers personal hygiene, support in performing acts independently.
Supported Independent living
It requires assistance from an expert or supervisor in performing everyday tasks. The objective is to help participants hone his/her skills so they can live independently. Support provided to the participants can be in the form of shared living or independent living in participants. home. Assistance provided to the participant is included as part of their plan depending upon the support they require.
Accommodation Support
We offer customized services for both independent living individuals as well as ones who require shared support services. Tasks can include home caring services, disability services, getting ready, cleaning of the house and much more.
Assistance is provided for transportation from one location to another. Support is offered for going to schools, colleges, workplaces or attending any event or social gatherings. We assure secure and safe transportation with well-coordinated travel arrangements.
Plan management
We assist with the management of NDIS funds. Our experts take care of day to day administration of funds and tasks covering the invoicing process. We also keep track and management of funds.
Assistance with social and community participation
As a home care service provider in Australia, we assist you with social and community participation. We have a range of social and community support programs that are specifically designed to help you enjoy hobbies, meet friends, enjoy life and have some quality time. With the help of our team, you can participate in the activities you are interested in. Activities are group as well as individual-centric based.

These are the services we cater to as a disability support service provider in Australia. You can rely on our team for any sort of requirement. We also arrange translators for you to help you communicate in your language. We will always ensure to help you feel more confident about managing your support and implementing your plan. At Star community, you will always benefit from value for money for any services you choose. Our team is always passionate about the support we offer and the services we deliver for every client. You can always be assured of our services as we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.